Surf Coaching Clinics

2-day fast track coaching clinics

Coaching Clinics

Have you hit a plateau in your surfing? Are you ready to finally get rid of those bad habits? Do you want to finally learn how to perform those manoeuvres that you keep falling on?

Our 2-day fast track coaching clinics are aimed at doing exactly that.

Using our Unique 5Ps strategy alongside video analysis and land-based movements specific to surfing, I call this surfing Tai Chi you will come away with a deeper understanding of the specific skill sets required to perform at a higher level.

Price: £189

What’s Included:

  • 3 in the surf sessions. These sessions are also are filmed from the beach for analysis later.
  • 3 video analysis sessions where I will breakdown your technique and provide corrective feedback.
  • 3 training videos of how specific manoeuvres should be performed.
  • 3 surfing Tai Chi manoeuvre specific sessions. These also focus on the 3 segments of every manoeuvre, the setup, the execution and recovery phases.
  • A worksheet and training booklet highlighting the course content including the 5P system, surfing techniques, fitness, surfing nutrition, surf specific warm ups.
  • 3 of your best waves or photos to keep.
  • 1 free video analysis and zoom call catchup within the following month
Coaching Clinics

Who For and what will you achieve:
This is specific to intermediate and upwards abilities’ must be able to paddle out in minimum 2-to-3-foot surf (head high) catch waves unaided and perform at least the basic maneuvers of bottom turns, trans versing along the wall of the wave and basic top turns and cutbacks. Preferably you should have your own board and wetsuit.

You will have so many eye-opening moments that will change the way you surf and approach the lineup thereafter.

The video analysis playbacks and corrective coaching will show you what you are doing wrong or not at all, what you are doing right and overall, where you need to improve the most. I can guarantee you will improve not only your surfing but also your whole approach going forwards.


Day 1:
9 am: meet, sign in, briefing and prep.
9.30am: An overview of the 5P system 1
10.30am: Filmed surf session 1
12.30h: Lunch break
13.30h: video analysis and surfing Tai Chi. 1
14.30h: Filmed surf session 2 with new focus points specific to your needs.
16.00h: video analysis, surf specific movements and feedback. 2
17.30h: End of Day 1.
(its possible hours may change slightly with a later finish time if required)

Day 2:
9am: arrival, prep and surf specific bespoke focus points for each surfer, review of the 5P system 2, Warm up.
10am: Filmed surf session 3
12h: Lunch Break.
13h: Video analysis, surfing movement and posture correction, bespoke feedback 3.
14.30h: Group chat, feedback and what’s next! Upload your videos and photos.
16h: End of clinic.

Coaching Clinics

Your Coach:
I think the most important thing you need to know about me is that surfing and travel are my passions and as the saying goes! I’m still a frothing grom albeit an older one! along with meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, having fun and being able to help surfers improve their skills.

I have over 20 years’ experience in surf coaching and surf travel, specialising in improving technique and competitive strategy for competition surfing.

I have represented the British surfing team as head coach in 2017,2018 and 2019 in their challenge to reach Olympic qualification, England surfing team as head coach for the past eight years at the world games and European surfing championships with team members winning Gold, silver and bronze medals and team podium finishes.

I have coached and helped hundreds of intermediate to professional surfers to improve their techniques, ocean awareness and safety in the surf line.

With a passion for surf travel I have been running surf coaching tours for many years since the early 1990s and have an in depth understanding of what surfers want and need on a surf tour.

Mission Statement:
To Provide the highest quality surf coaching and guiding in a fun adventurous environment locally and abroad.

Delivery Method:
Learn the secrets of the 5 Ps! This is a programme I have developed over the years and it has helped hundreds of surfers to improve their overall performance.

As no two surfers are the same, I like to use a deconstructive method identifying weaknesses and strengths alike and to then guide the surfer to put it all back together again minus the weaknesses! Looking deep into technique and focusing on the smallest details.

I use methods I have never heard other coaches use and the results are immediate.

By utilising video and photo analysis, movement, I call this SURFING TAI CHI! discussions and questionnaires in a bespoke 1:1 method, enables the surfer and I to visualise and identify weaknesses and strengths, now we can break that down and then begin to rebuild a solid good technique in an easily understandable method.

Further more by working alongside strength and flexibility coaches, nutritionists and wellness coaches, our camps will further enhance the surfer’s ability to improve and carry good lifestyle habits on into the future.

I often find that due to lack of flexibility, core strength or previous injury surfers are unable to perform certain manoeuvres or expand through a range of movements which in turn inhibits their abilities. Combining expert coaches in mobility and core strength alongside my surf technique coaching has proven to have massive improvements in results.

Head coach England surfing 2003 – 2020
Head coach team England Isa world games 2017
Head coach British surfing team 2018 / 2019
International Surfing Association L2 Coach (highest level available)
Surfing England L2 Coach
International surfing association course presenter
Surf lifesaving Great Britain Trainor and assessor
Advanced first aider.
Recent Comps (Still having a go!)
7th Euro masters 2013
1st British national’s veterans 2014
1st English national’s veterans 2017

I am blessed to be married to my wife Kelly who is an incredible nutritionist health coach and business woman. We have 3 wild surfing boys, Levi who is 7 yrs. loves surfing,skating,riding his bike and chocolate, Noah who’s is 11 and charging waves and skate parks well beyond his age bracket and Kai 20 who rips and loves a good chat.