How I developed the ultimate coaching programme

Over the years it became apparent that most surfers were totally or vaguely unaware of the essential ability to be able to READ THE OCEAN and this would lead to slower development and of the most frustration issues for a coach is the lack of material captured during sessions to be able to provide necessary feedback so I developed a system that will allow you to learn the secrets that take years to naturally develop. I have never seen a surf coach use his type of method and you will be astounded at its simplicity and effectiveness.

I call this method the 5 P,s

Using technique correction, Video analysis and movement coupled with the 5Ps programme.

This is a water and land-based programme that when learned you will then simply catch more waves, better quality waves, be in the right position each time and know how to read the wave to be able to preform the most functional manoeuvres.

I also noticed many surfers were unable to perform certain manoeuvre functions due to lack of mobility, flexibility and strength so I began working with leading professional surf strength coaches and it quickly became apparent that a lack in body function transferred into a lack in technique. By making adjustments the next day the surfers were miraculously better and produced the desired techniques in their surfing.

When this was added to video and photo analysis on a bespoke level it became apparent that we had the ultimate training tool.

Our surf tour packages and are perfectly suited for this training method.


So? How does it work?




Each day we will surf the best waves in the area providing in water and land-based surf coaching, this will be filmed for later analysis and feedback.

This will then allow us to break down your technique in a deconstructive method piece by piece and then rebuild you back into a better surfer.

The surf strength coaches will asses your strengths and areas of weakness and again in a bespoke manner develop you into a stronger more flexible surfer, deal with injury prevention and teach you how to have long levity in your surfing.

Our 7 night tours are perfectly suited to this programme but if your able to join us for longer then even better.

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