Surf Coaching Adventures

This is the ultimate way to mix your travel passions and improve your surfing.

We have carefully selected a variety of exotic surf travel destinations that offer an abundance of different surf spots that we can assess the changing conditions and to suit all budgets.

If you really want to improve, change or fix your surfing technique then there is no better way than to join us on one or more of these exclusive tours.

Why Join These Tours:

Simply put! why would you not want to improve your surfing Now and take away tools to continue to improve in the future. All other sports offer advanced coaching and surfing should be no different.

Not only will you finally learn how to preform or improve that manoeuvre that has eluded you for years, understand the secrets to better paddling, positioning and catching more waves, challenging yourself and by following our proven system you are guaranteed to achieve amazing results all the while having an epic adventure and fun.

WHO’s it for:

This tour is for intermediate to advanced or even semi pro level. You will definitely need to be able to take a few on the head and manage yourself in up to 6 ft surf.

(if you are unsure then please call for a chat) we will have other tours that will suit your levels.
Where and when:

What to expect and inclusions. (Typical 7-night tour)

  • Stylish poolside accommodation
  • Delicious meals prepared by inhouse chef
  • All transport when at camp and to surf spots
  • Cool arrival gift


  • 2 coached surfs per day, land and in water coaching.
  • Daily video and photo analysis
  • Surfing Tai Chi (developed over years of attempting clients to understand movements and set positions)
  • Keep your footage. (Please bring a device to upload)
  • Strength, mobility and surf specific fitness professional coach or
  • Yoga. (Specific tours will include this)

How will the tour unfold?

Day 1: Arrival and check in with an afternoon surf and welcome dinner. We will get to meet you and further assess your needs.

Day 2 – 7: Wake up and shake up movement and stretches, light breakfast and then surf at the most suitable spot after which we will feed you a big old healthy brekkie!

Chill for an hour and then video analysis, surfing Tai Chi and discussions and surf fitness session.

Mid-day chill, surf if you like or check out the area, with an epic pool deck you’ll prob want to relax and enjoy the villa.

Afternoon pre surf prep with surf fitness coach and then head off to a local beach for your second surf coached session.

Video and photo analysis, chill and then dinner around 7.30pm

A focus point/s will be set for each surfer individually or collectively ready for the next day.

Your coaches are on hand constantly for any related chats, this is one of the valuable inclusions of having your coach with you. You can chat about your boards, anything you may not have fully grasped in the group feedback session or were feeling intimidated to ask. Were there for you!

Day 8: Depending on your departure arrangements we can have a morning free surf followed by breakfast and then it’s until the next tour. All returning guests receive a nice discount on other tours.

Book now or inquire:
+44 7854870857